Moving and Handling People


Our online training course on “Moving and Handling People” equips you with essential skills and knowledge for safely and effectively transporting individuals. Learn proper techniques, risk assessment, and legal requirements from the comfort of your own home. Start your journey towards ensuring the well-being of those in your care today.



Welcome to our comprehensive online training course on “Moving and Handling People.” Designed to meet the needs of caregivers, healthcare professionals, and support workers, this course provides a thorough understanding of the principles and practices involved in safely and effectively moving and handling individuals.

Throughout the course, you will delve into various topics essential for the provision of high-quality care, including proper lifting and transferring techniques, risk assessment methodologies, and the legal obligations surrounding manual handling in the UK. By mastering these skills, you will not only enhance the safety and well-being of those you assist but also protect yourself from potential injury.

Our interactive modules feature engaging multimedia content, practical demonstrations, and real-life scenarios, ensuring an immersive learning experience that caters to diverse learning styles. You will have the flexibility to progress through the course at your own pace, enabling you to balance your professional development with your other commitments.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certification recognised by industry standards, demonstrating your competency in moving and handling people. Whether you work in a care home, hospital, or community setting, this certification will serve as a testament to your dedication to providing safe and compassionate care.


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