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CITB Levy Approved Training Provider

CITB Levy Approved Training Provider

Marvel Training Ltd. is proud to be a CITB Levy Approved training provider. This prestigious approval means that organizations who pay into the CITB Levy can receive grant funding when they choose us for their training needs. The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) Levy is designed to support the training and development of the UK’s construction workforce, ensuring that employees have the skills and qualifications needed to thrive in the industry.

Why Choose a CITB Levy Approved Provider?

  • Financial Benefits: By utilizing a CITB Levy Approved provider like Marvel Training Ltd., your organization can access grants and funding to offset training costs, making it more affordable to invest in your employees’ development.
  • Quality Assurance: CITB approval is a mark of quality and reliability. It means our courses meet the high standards set by the industry, ensuring your workforce receives top-notch training.
  • Industry Recognition: Training with a CITB Levy Approved provider enhances your company’s reputation, demonstrating a commitment to industry standards and employee development.

Our Commitment to Excellence

At Marvel Training Ltd., we are committed to delivering the highest quality training programs. Our CITB Levy Approved status reflects our dedication to excellence in education and our alignment with industry best practices. We offer a wide range of courses designed to enhance the skills, safety, and productivity of your workforce, from Health and Safety training to specialized construction courses.

Maximize Your Training Investment

Choosing Marvel Training Ltd. as your training provider not only ensures your employees receive the best education but also allows you to maximize your training investment through available CITB grants. This support helps you maintain a competitive edge in the construction industry by ensuring your team is well-trained, compliant, and ready to meet the challenges of the job.

A construction engineer and designer in a yellow hardhat studies a drawing of a building

Learn more about how Marvel Training Ltd. can support your training needs as a CITB Levy Approved provider. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you leverage CITB funding to develop a skilled and qualified workforce, driving your business forward.

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