Manual Handling


Learn the essentials of safe manual handling with our comprehensive online course. Gain valuable knowledge and techniques to prevent injuries and promote workplace safety.


Welcome to our Manual Handling online course, designed to equip you with essential skills and knowledge to ensure safe lifting and handling practices in the workplace. In this comprehensive training, you’ll delve into the principles of manual handling, understanding the risks associated with improper techniques, and mastering effective strategies to mitigate them.

Through interactive modules, engaging multimedia, and real-world scenarios, you’ll learn the importance of correct posture, lifting techniques, and the proper use of handling aids. Our course covers a range of topics, including risk assessment, ergonomic principles, and legislative requirements in the UK.

Whether you’re a newcomer to manual handling or seeking a refresher, this course caters to all levels of experience. Upon completion, you’ll possess the confidence and competence to carry out manual handling tasks safely, reducing the risk of workplace injuries and promoting a culture of health and safety.

Enrol now to embark on your journey towards becoming a proficient manual handler, ensuring the well-being of yourself and your colleagues.


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