Managing Sickness & Absence


Our online course on Managing Sickness & Absence equips managers with essential skills to effectively handle employee sickness and absence in the workplace. Learn best practices, legal obligations, and practical strategies to minimise absenteeism and maintain productivity.


In today’s dynamic workplace environment, managing sickness and absence is a critical aspect of effective workforce management. Our comprehensive online course, “Managing Sickness & Absence,” is tailored for UK managers seeking to enhance their proficiency in handling these intricate issues.

Throughout this course, participants will delve into various dimensions of managing sickness and absence, gaining insights into legal frameworks, organisational policies, and best practices. From understanding statutory entitlements to implementing effective absence tracking systems, learners will acquire practical strategies to mitigate absenteeism and maintain productivity levels within their teams.

Key topics covered include:

Understanding statutory sick pay (SSP) regulations and entitlements.
Implementing robust absence management policies and procedures.
Conducting return-to-work interviews and managing phased returns.
Identifying underlying causes of frequent absences and implementing preventative measures.
Promoting employee well-being and fostering a supportive work culture.
Navigating legal considerations and ensuring compliance with employment law.
Through interactive modules, case studies, and quizzes, participants will develop a comprehensive understanding of sickness and absence management, enabling them to effectively address challenges and promote a healthy, productive work environment. Whether you’re a seasoned HR professional or a frontline manager, this course provides invaluable insights and practical tools to navigate the complexities of managing sickness and absence with confidence and competence.


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